Welcome to platformPHOTO, a blog dedicated to showcasing cutting edge photographic work by established and emerging photographers worldwide. We want to share the photography that we enjoy and admire, from the fields of fine art, social documentary and commercial photography. Our aim is to offer photographers a platform to expose and promote their projects to a global online audience, telling stories through the medium of their images. Via the means of digital communication, we encourage our audience to engage with platformPHOTO and share in our passion for photography.

Consistent interaction with photographers, galleries, agencies, creative professionals, editors and photo lovers enables us to develop an industry-wide dialogue and deliver the variety of imagery found on platformPHOTO. Furthermore, this dialogue facilitates the promotion of the art of photography and encourages the personal and professional growth of creative artists. 

Who is platformPHOTO for?

Photographers. Show your projects to the world, access industry insider knowledge, find top tips from industry professionals and promote your work.

Photo lovers. Explore outstanding imagery from across the world, spanning photographic genres, and be inspired by stories told through images.

Industry professionals. Are you a collector, gallery owner, agent, curator or an editor? Discover new photographers and their projects.

Melanie Philip - Editor and Founder

Hi! I’m Melanie, I am passionate about photography, digital media and sharing the arts with online audiences. I have worked in many creative fields, from film and TV to photography and for the past five years I have been marketing manager for an international photography organisation. Fascinated about discovering new photographers and exploring the world through images, I decided to take on a personal project. I founded platformPHOTO to feature the work of photographers I admire and whose work I want to share with others. Accordingly, the opinions expressed in this site are my own.

Abi Winder - Editor

I’m Abi, an enthusiast for all things photography, arts, crafts and culture, with a flare for baking in my free time. I have a BA in Criticism, Communication and Curation as well as being a recent graduate from an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies. Having worked in communications for a photography organisation in London, I am excited to be involved with engaging web-users with the exciting photography that platformPHOTO showcases. Follow me on Twitter @AbiWinder.


  1. Dinesh Sethi

    Hi, I am a photographer from India. I want to know how you feature the submitted photographs of an artist. Is it on your website or you have the provision of exhibiting the work in art galleries?

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