Bill Sosin: Proper Souls at dnj Gallery

(c) Bill Sosin, Body Heat, 2012, courtesy of dnj Gallery

(c) Bill Sosin, Body Heat, 2012, courtesy of dnj Gallery

dnj Gallery presents the exhibition of Bill Sosin’s: “Proper Souls” in the main gallery.

With “Proper Souls,” Sosin heads out into the rainy Chicago landscape to photograph the world through car windows. As Diane Calder has written, “Bill Sosin employs depth of field like a jazz musician whose mastery of basics allows his music to soar.” (ArtScene, April 2010). This time he expands on the aesthetic he developed in his earlier “City Rain” series, by inverting the colors of his subjects to create hazy silhouettes that suggest their energy and auras. Sosin dubs these nearly abstract figures “Proper Souls, common folk unknowingly enveloped in their thermodynamic essence.”

Sosin is a Chicago-based, self-taught photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout the United States. His work was recently featured in Black and White magazine’s “2013 Single Image Contest Winners Special Issue.” He has also won many awards for his work, such as the International Lucie Award “Official Selection” in 2009 and the International Color Award from the Photography Masters Cup.

Venue: dnj Gallery, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Open: 2th March - 13th April 2013
Open Reception: 2nd March, 6-8pm
For more information visit

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