Roberto Greco presents “After Still Life”

Greco’s still life pictures goes from a real point of view of a photo to a new and allegorical dimension. Roberto Greco tries to make the viewers think a bit deeper and make them think of what the painter was truly trying to express.Greco’s aim is not to distance himself from classical masters, his pictures put us in his world of passion, oppulence and sexuality.With a certain sense of humour and cynicism, Greco breaks the stereotype of classical Still Life by adding disturbing elements like pets. You can see and feel Greco’s narration little by little through all of his pictures with some simple details, sometimes just with the buzz of a fly.

Hi Roberto, how would you describe your style of photography? And what has inspired you to become a photographer?

I describe my work as Pictural and Naturalist style, I’ve always been really fascinated and intrigued by any kind of lights. I guess that’s why I became a photographer. I remember as a kid the blinds were closed and the light would get into my room in a very interesting way. It became the place I started drawing and find inspiration.

What inspired you to create “After Still Life”?

Back in 2005, I visited an exhibition by Jan Fabre in Geneva. There were dead dogs lying around a feast and I was kind of disturbed to find beauty in this. Not to forget, I also get my inspiration from all the great masters of the Renaissance.

Can you give us some information about the production and post-production for this series?

I start to do few drawings of the scene. Then, I choose some objects I want to use from my collection. From there, I am then ready to compose the scene.

Thank you so much for your time today Roberto. Here’s our last question: if we were to send you to a desert island and allowing you to take with you only one picture taken by another photographer. What would this image be?

Insomnia by Jeff Wall because I really like its rhythm.

Visit Roberto’s website to view the entire series:

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