Group Exhibition: Knock Knock at the Jerwood Gallery

Jane Hilton, Ron Redford, Cowboy, Benjamin, Texas, 2009. © the artist

Jane Hilton, Ron Redford, Cowboy, Benjamin, Texas, 2009. © the artist

The Jerwood Gallery presents its forthcoming show Knock Knock: Seven Artists. Knock Knock is an exhibition of work by contemporary and internationally recognised artists with a close association to Hastings. The exhibition will showcase seven artists: Fiona Banner, Becky Beasley, Professor Stephen Buckley, Jane Hilton, Martin Maloney, Alessandro Raho and Mario Rossi. All of the artists operate internationally and have strong affiliations to Hastings, either living, working or playing in the vicinity.

Curated by artist, Professor Gerard Hemsworth, the show explores the variety and hugely different approach of these artists to their subject matter, creating a dynamic dialogue both between and beyond the works. Hemsworth explains his concept behind bringing the works of these artists together:

What is common in the works is a curious absurdity and a delightful awkwardness, where the artists manipulate both the language and concepts they employ. . . The viewer is invited to go beyond their expectations and address the complexity of these works, which are both disconcerting and haunting.

Liz Gilmore, Director of the Jerwood Gallery says:

Hastings and the wider locality has a long history of being a creative magnet and catalyst for artists, many of whom like John Bratby RA (1928–1992) and Edward Burra (1905-1976) are represented in our collection. The town continues to be a vital source of inspiration for artists today.

Jerwood Gallery came to Hastings, in part because of its strong artistic tradition and profile. This show celebrates the town’s cultural richness, offering an internationally significant and ambitious show which has potential to challenge, surprise and delight us all.

Venue: Jerwood Gallery, Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings TN34 3DW
Open: 2nd February - 17th of April 2013
For more information, please visit:

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