Ellen McDermott: Mindscapes at The Copper House Gallery

© Ellen McDermott

© Ellen McDermott

 The Copper House Gallery presents Mindscapes, the first solo show by fine art photographer Ellen McDermott. Her visually striking imagery embodies the beauty of nature meshed with the edginess of hidden emotion and undefined narrative.

Starting off as an oil painter, Ellen McDermott originally used photography as a guideline and inspiration for her painting. Leaving the paint brushes behind, Ellen McDermott began to portray her passion and vision through new photographic worlds, creating ethereal images with heavy dreamscape undertones.

Ellen is an award winning fine art photographer and highly skilled professional image retoucher living and working in Dublin. A director of Kilmantin Arts Gallery in Wicklow Town, Ellen McDermott has exhibited both internationally and throughout Ireland. Ellen McDermott was a finalist in the PhotoIreland Festival 2010 and is represented by The Copper House Gallery and also Clic Gallery, New York, USA.

Ellen McDermott works on commercial and private fine art commissions as well as professional image retouching assignments.

 Venue: Copper House Gallery, off Synge Street, Dublin 8

Open: 25th April - 18th May 2013

For more information please visit: www.thecopperhousegallery.com


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