Group Show at PDNB Gallery

© Peter Brown, HAC Brummett, Lawyer, Dickens, Texas, 1986

© Peter Brown, HAC Brummett, Lawyer, Dickens, Texas, 1986

The summer heat is around the corner which means it is time for the ubiquitous summer group shows.

In the past, PDNB Gallery has presented themed group shows, as in the current
SCENE OF THE CRIME exhibition and last year’s Russian photography show,  From Moscow with Love.

The upcoming GROUP SHOW, simply stated, will illustrate the breadth of the gallery’s offerings without a special theme.

Many different art movements in photography will be exhibited, from the early 20th Century to now. Modernist, documentary, street photography, conceptual and experimental photography will encompass the gallery. 

Artists included in this important show are: John Albok, Peter Brown, Bob Chilton, William Eggleston, Birney Imes, Jimmy & Dena Katz, Misty Keasler, Andre Kertesz, Philip Lamb, Neil Leifer, Chema Madoz, Gregori Maiofis, Rhondal McKinney, Ivan Mikhailov, Bill Owens, Esteban Pastorino, Vitaly Smirnov, Robyn Stacy, Todd Stewart, Chris Verene and more.

Most artists are represented in museum collections and come from various regions of the world, including the U.S., South America, Russia, Europe, and Australia. It is an encyclopedic show that gives one an understanding of why photography has and always will be considered a major medium of expression.

Venue: PDNB Gallery, 1202 Dragon Street, Ste. 103, Dallas, Texas  75207

Open: 18th May - 3rd August 2013

Open Reception: Saturday 18th May 2013, 5 - 8 pm.

For more information:

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