The Sun by Noguchi Rika

Noguchi Rika has been creating photographic artwork for over twenty years and came into photography by “accident” as she states.  She was born in 1971 in Saitama, Japan and has been living and working in Berlin since 2004.

Her series “The Sun” has been travelling around the world to multiple exhibitions.  The series, which started in 2005, includes 36 images involving the sun. She shot this series using a pinhole camera due to the fact that ordinary cameras have tinted lenses. Because of the pinhole camera’s structure, the light in this series would be utilized to the fullest extent.  No manipulations or digital effects were used in her photographs. The abundance of light in the series reflects the power of the sun and it displays the colours with a nice soft-focus from the rays.

platformPHOTO: Hi Rika, what inspired you to create this series?

Noguchi Rika: I was inspired by colours. I found all colour[s] were made possible by the sun…I wondered if I could photograph the colour of the sun itself so I tried it.

platformPHOTO:  What were the difficulties (if any) of using a pinhole camera?

Noguchi Rika: Yes, using a pinhole came with difficulties such as lack of viewfinder, but I trusted the camera and knew the the light would be beautiful through the pinhole camera. Pinhole camera have a tiny hole instead of a lens that lets in light to fix an image on film.

© Noguchi Rika

© Noguchi Rika

platformPHOTO: How would you describe your style of photography?

Noguchi Rika: I am creating artworks in the form of photography.

platformPHOTO: Thank you so much for your time today Rika, we have one last question for you. If we sent you to a desert island and allowed you to take only one picture with you by another photographer, what would this image be?

Noguchi Rika: I am going to bring my mother’s photograph which my father took.

To view more work from Rika, visit her site:

© Noguchi Rika

© Noguchi Rika

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